GoAntiquing Dealer Guide About How To Use Software

GoAntiquing Dealers can use the GoAntiquing gateway by logging into the GoAntiquing Dealer login page. They can access their sales data through the cloud server of the company using their membership account. Dealers are also referred to as Consigner, Vendor, Artisan, Craftsman etc by the Shopkeepers so you can take any of these terms as same.

About GoAntiquing Gateway

GoAntiquing gateway is an online software that helps in saving sales data and generating reports when needed. It makes digital access of sales report easier. Shopkeepers set an initial password and then they give you a membership account which you can use to access your sales data.

To access the GoAntiquing gateway, you have to open the official website of the software which is http://www.goantiquing.net/login . Now, once you are there, you can use the below mentioned step-by-step instructions to login into the GoAntiquing Dealer login or Vendor login account.

GoAntiquing Dealer Login / Vendor Login Process

To login into the GoAntiquing Gateway Vendor login account, use following step by step instructions.

  1. Go to GoAntiquing official website link.
  2. Open the login page for Dealer login.
  3. Select the name of your shop.
  4. Enter your Dealer ID and password.
  5. Click on the login button.

Check the image below for reference –

GoAntiquing Vendor or Dealer Login Page
GoAntiquing Vendor or Dealer Login Page

There is an option to create direct shortcut link for a specific shop too, in which case, you won’t have to select the shop name too. You can simply enter your login credentials and login.

Check Dealers Sales Report

Once you are logged into the GGDealer login page, you can now check the Dealers sales report. The report page has an option to filter sales by date range. Select the range of dates you want the report of and then you can easily check all the sales made during that range of dates.

Check the screenshot below for reference –

Sample report of GG Dealer report page
Sample report of GG Dealer report page

Customer Want List

When you are logged into the GoAntiquing Vendor login page, you can also see a customer want list link. On the link, when you click, you’ll be shown what items are customers looking for on the specific shop. Then, that shopkeeper updates the customer want list and you can let them know if you have those items. When you provide them of a fulfilment idea, shopkeeper then confirms if the customer still wants the item.

This helps shopkeepers and dealers in working mutually to complete a customer’s request.

Name of SoftwareGoAntiquing Gateway
Official Websitegoantiquing.net
TypeSales Reporting Software
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