List of American Girl Dolls with Year, Era and Ethnicity

American girl dolls are released every year. This is the list of our favorite American Girl Dolls. This list of American girl dolls is sorted by year and has the ERA as well as Ethnicity of the dolls.

kaya american girl doll
kaya – 1995 American girl doll (source : )

List of American Girl Dolls

DollRelease DateEraEthnicity
Kaya1995American Girl Historical CharactersNative American
Felicity Merriman1996American Girl Historical CharactersEnglish
Elizabeth Cole1997American Girl Historical CharactersAfrican American
Caroline Abbott1998American Girl Historical CharactersEnglish
Josefina Montoya1999American Girl Historical CharactersHispanic
Marie-Grace Gardner2000American Girl Historical CharactersAfrican American
Cecile Rey2001American Girl Historical CharactersFrench
Kirsten Larson2002American Girl Historical CharactersScandinavian
Addy Walker2003American Girl Historical CharactersAfrican American
Samantha Parkington2004American Girl Historical CharactersEnglish
Nellie O’Malley2005American Girl Historical CharactersIrish
Rebecca Rubin2006American Girl Historical CharactersJewish
Claudie Wells2007American Girl Historical CharactersFrench
Kit Kittredge2008American Girl Historical CharactersEnglish
Ruthie Smithens2009American Girl Historical CharactersEnglish
Nanea Mitchell2010American Girl Historical CharactersHawaiian
Molly McIntire2011American Girl Historical CharactersEnglish
Emily Bennett2012American Girl Historical CharactersEnglish
Maryellen Larkin2013American Girl Historical CharactersIrish
Melody Ellison2014American Girl Historical CharactersAfrican American
Julie Albright2015American Girl Historical CharactersEnglish
Ivy Ling2016American Girl Historical CharactersChinese
Courtney Moore2017American Girl Historical CharactersAfrican American
Tenney Grant2018American Girl Historical CharactersEnglish
Z Yang2019American Girl Historical CharactersChinese
Gabriela McBride2020American Girl Historical CharactersMexican American
Luciana Vega2021American Girl Historical CharactersColombian
Lindsey Bergman2005American Girl Girl of the YearCaucasian
Kailey Hopkins2006American Girl Girl of the YearCaucasian
Marisol Luna2007American Girl Girl of the YearHispanic
Jess McConnell2008American Girl Girl of the YearCaucasian
Nicki Fleming2009American Girl Girl of the YearCaucasian
Mia St. Clair2010American Girl Girl of the YearCaucasian
Chrissa Maxwell2011American Girl Girl of the YearAfrican American
Gwen Thompson2012American Girl Girl of the YearCaucasian
Sonali Matthews2013American Girl Girl of the YearIndian
Lanie Holland2014American Girl Girl of the YearCaucasian
Kanani Akina2015American Girl Girl of the YearHawaiian
McKenna Brooks2016American Girl Girl of the YearCaucasian
Saige Copeland2017American Girl Girl of the YearCaucasian
Isabelle Palmer2018American Girl Girl of the YearCaucasian
Grace Thomas2019American Girl Girl of the YearCaucasian
Lea Clark2020American Girl Girl of the YearAfrican American
Gabriela McBride2021American Girl Girl of the YearMexican American
Luciana Vega2022American Girl Girl of the YearColombian
Ashlyn2014American Girl WellieWishersCaucasian
Bryant2014American Girl WellieWishersAfrican American
Camille2015American Girl WellieWishersCaucasian
Emerson2015American Girl WellieWishersCaucasian
Kendall2015American Girl WellieWishersCaucasian
List of American Girl Dolls

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