List of Naruto Shippuden Filler Episodes with Date and Title

Here, you will find list of naruto shippuden filler with date and title –

Episode NumberEpisode TitleAir Date
26The Three Legendary Ninja DogsOctober 2, 2007
97The Legend of the Three Ninja SwordsmenFebruary 24, 2008
99The Tale of Jiraiya the GallantMarch 3, 2008
101-106Guardian Ninja: The Sound Four’s AppearanceMarch 10-17, 2008
136-140The Three Legendary Ninja Dogs 2June 12-19, 2008
143-219The Land of Tea ArcJune 26, 2008 – January 22, 2009
223-242Paradise Life on a BoatJanuary 29 – March 12, 2009
257-260Konoha Crush ArcMarch 19-26, 2009
271The Three Legendary Ninja Dogs 3April 2, 2009
279-281The Three Legendary Ninja Dogs 4April 9-16, 2009
284-295The Akatsuki Suppression Mission ArcApril 23-May 28, 2009
303-320The Sound Four’s Revival ArcJune 4-25, 2009
327The Chūnin Exams Selection Preliminaries ArcJuly 2, 2009
349-361The Chūnin Exams Finals ArcJuly 9-30, 2009
376-377The Five Kage Summit ArcAugust 6-13, 2009
388-390The Five Kage Summit ArcAugust 20-27, 2009
394-413The Five Kage Summit ArcSeptember 3-24, 2009
416-417The Five Kage Summit ArcSeptember 30-October 7, 2009
419The Five Kage Summit ArcOctober 14, 2009
422-423The Five Kage Summit ArcOctober 21-28, 2009
427-457The Land of Iron ArcNovember 4-25, 2009
460-462The Land of Tea ArcDecember 2-9, 2009
464-468The Land of Tea ArcDecember 16-23, 2009
480-483The Land of Tea ArcJanuary 6-13, 2010
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