MusicHQ Free Online Movie Streaming Website Review

MusicHQ is one of the most popular free movie and TV Show streaming website on Internet. The website has been banned multiple times because of its illegal distribution of copyrighted movies and TV shows. However, they still keep recreating the website under different domain names. Currently, MusicHQ can be reached on website. Here is our review of MusicHQ website.

Movies being shown illegally on MusicHQ
Movies being shown illegally on MusicHQ

MusicHQ is free

The very first pros of the MusicHQ movie streaming website is that it is free to watch. However, it may also be counted as a cons because then it wouldn’t be legal to watch movies on MusicHQ website. However, since we are not recommending the website and only reviewing it based on multiple factors, we are going to review the MusicHQ’s free movie streaming as a positive.

MusicHQ has good UI interface

Another thing that seems good about the Music HQ website is that is is very easy to be used and browsed. It has a good UI interface with all the options visible right in the front. You can option to choose whether you want to watch movies or TV shows as well as option to choose the genre or choose a movie from the list of top IMDB movies.

MusicHQ has bad UX

As per UX is concerned, MusicHQ has very bad user experience. The reason is quite simple, it has pop-up ads. Pop ads are the worst thing on Internet when it comes to user experience. MusicHQ pops multiple ads for one page and you cannot click on any part of the page without a popup ads being shown to you. You might want to disable javascript or use ad-blocker but we are not sure if that will work.

Sample pop-up ads as shown on MusicHQ website
Sample pop-up ads as shown on MusicHQ website

MusicHQ isn’t safe

Any website that uses Pop-up ads cannot be considered safe because most of these pop-up ads try to install unwanted software in your device. They also sometimes take you to illegal websites where you are lured into buying something or pay money for other stuff. That makes MusicHQ not a safe website to browse or watch movies on.

MusicHQ isn’t legal

Now, to the important part, MusicHQ isn’t legal as it provides you free movie streaming without having proper rights for those. Since those movies aren’t acquired legally by MusicHQ, it can be considered as a piracy website. No piracy website is legal and therefore we recommend you to stay away from any such website.


Based on our conclusion, MusicHQ doesn’t pass out test as a usable website. We do not recommend the website for any kind of movie of TV show streaming. We also ask you to rather follow legal alternatives for MusicHQ. Some of the legal alternatives are Google Movies, YouTube, Amazon prime, Netflix, Hotstar etc.

Note : The images used in this article are screenshots of the website and may be removed if asked by the owner.

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