Can’t Access Here’s some alternatives is one of the most searched digital streaming services for NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA etc. Strikeout provides online streaming of these games through their servers. However, for obvious reasons, sometimes these websites don’t work – one of the major reasons being their illegal occupancy of streaming videos. Therefore, here are some of the alternatives that you may use for streaming NBA or NFL games online. website page website page Alternatives

Markky Streams

The very first streaming website that comes to our mind when seeking strikeout nu alternatives is Markky streams. Markky streams got popular through reddit and is now one of the most sought after websites for free NBA streaming.

However, we advise you to make sure you know these are not totally legal websites. We recommend you to stay away from these websites if your country doesn’t allow them legally.


Another popular website for free sports streaming is BossCast. Just like, the Bosscast website too provides with huge list of streaming links. You can use the website without VPN in many countries.

If your ISP has blocked for some reasons, you would want to use this as the alternative. Again, check your local laws to make sure that it’s not illegal to watch sports live on the website in your country.

What kind of website is Strikeout?

Strikeout is a website that provides sports streaming for free. It is one of those free streaming web apps that share links to the streaming channels. However, or similar websites don’t necessarily have the streaming rights for the sports. So we might assume that these are illegal websites.

We, however, do not recommend any illegal method to stream or download any kind of copyrighted video content. In case you find out that using these websites isn’t legal, just don’t use those.

Is legal?

Most possibly, no.

Strikeout NU seems like an illegal website.

Is down or not?

Yes, as we have just checked, domain name isn’t loading properly. That means that is down at the moment. However, we will keep checking for the website and update the status.

Please note that the status might not be instantly updated and so we recommend you to check it from your side and report back.

Strikeout sports not working? let us know in comments.

Is safe?

We didn’t find any complication with website. However, as per McAfee SiteAdvisor, the website seems to be dangerous.

Here is what the siteadvisor says about –

“We scanned this site and found that it’s not as secure as it should be. Please click with caution.”

McAfee SitAdvisor’s report about website

Hence, we recommend you to check on your own whether the website forces any malicious download in your device. If it does, we recommend you to stay away from the website. Please use any legal alternative like Sky Sports or Star Sports website.

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