UTI Blackboard Login and Online Class Access Process Explained

If you want to use the online class option of UTI, you need to login to the UTI Blackboard web application. For that, you need to go to the UTI Blackboard login page and login using your UTI Email ID. You can use any browser to access UTI blackboard, but you should prefer Chrome. The Universal Technical Institute, Inc provides you with the student email address for login. If you are having any problem logging in, contact the technical support team.

UTI Blackboard Login

How to login into the UTI Blackboard login page?

  1. Go to https://uti.blackboard.com/
  2. It will open a Microsoft login page for UTI student login.
  3. Enter your UTI email address in the email option.
  4. Submit the form and on next page, enter your password.
  5. Authenticate and login to the Blackboard login page.
UTI Blackboard Login Page
UTI Blackboard Login Page

Software requirements for UTI Blackboard Usage

Do we need any software for UTI Blackboard login?

The only software that you are required is a web browser. If you have a web browser like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox or others, you can simply login to the Blackboard web client using an online web address – https://uti.blackboard.com .

You don’t need any other software for it.

UTI Blackboard Ultra online training timing

If you are using the Blackboard Ultra portal, you can access all the training videos online for all hours. It is available 24 hours a day.

All you need is to go to the official Blackboard ultra website and then login using your UTI student account.

After that, you can use the MindTap study material through the Cengage.

To access a course material in UTI Blackboard, use following method –

  1. Go to MindTap course material page.
  2. Now, Click on Section Number and Title.
  3. Click on the Chapter title.

Your study material will be displayed there.

You can click on the video to play.

UTI Course Material Online
UTI Blackboard Course Material Online

What is my UTI Blackboard username?

In case you don’t remember, UTI Blackboard username is your email address in format of username@student.uti.edu .

For any login related to the UTI, you have to use the same email address as username.

What if I forget my UTI login password?

You can reset your password if you forget it. You have to click on “forgot password’ option. Then, follow the prompts and you can reset your password.

Alternatively, you can contact IT Technical Support on the Toll Free number 1-877-340-4447 .

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